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About Us


For those of you who are wondering who we are and what we do:

Udderly Natural products is a business created out of necessity. The movement to use more natural and wholesome products is growing, and we wanted to be a part of it. We have made every attempt to provide a nourishing, natural and wholesome product in all of soaps, lotions, salts and balms.

Goats milk seems to be the new "buzz" product out there. It seems every where you look you see "goats milk this and goats milk that." We encourage anyone to buy a good natural product but beware that many producers are using powdered or canned milk in place of whole pasteurized milk. Lets face it, at the cost of goats milk in the store, how could a company be profitable unless it has its own supply!

Products that use canned or powdered milk lack in many of the nourishing qualities the milk provides. We at UNP only use whole, pasteurized milk, high end oils (not lard or commercial cooking oils) and make soap the old fashioned way, letting our soap cure for a minimum of 6 weeks!

Our lotions follow the same strict guidelines as our soap. We know we are providing the best product we could offer and are proud of every one we sell.

Join the movement and....Get Back to Nature....

Udderly Natural Products LLC
Pearce, AZ

Please note: If you plan on visiting the farm to shop, please call ahead as we having working ranch dogs.  Thank you!

Shawn Campbell, owner of Udderly Natural Products
Some of our many babies!
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